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Holy Trinity Anglican Church is a house of grace.  It was founded to help people live in the grace and fullness of God, and to proclaim the faith given by Christ and preserved in the Bible.  We almost always begin our worship with the words of Philippians 1:2, “Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ.”

We were established on July 30, 2006, and held our first worship service at 10 am in the Public Library of Powhatan, Virginia.  Eleven people were present for the service of Morning Prayer.  A year later, our Presiding Bishop visited Holy Trinity Church and we celebrated our first anniversary.  The Bishop led us in Holy Communion and conducted our first Confirmation.  Worship was followed by a covered dish dinner and a time of fellowship at the rector’s home.

We are part of an international communion of Anglican churches whose primary offices are in Statesville, North Carolina.  Founded in 1963 by Bishop James Parker Dees, our communion intends to continue in the Biblical faith and practice of the Church from the Apostolic era to the time of the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D.  Many of the doctrines and practices were changed after that date, but were recovered in the west through the revival known as the Reformation.  In England, the Reformation Church became known as Anglican, as have her daughter churches around the world.  Thus, when Bishop Dees founded a denomination based on the English Reformation, he called it the Anglican Orthodox Church.  “Orthodox” means straight, or according to the truth in matters of faith and practice.  Thus our name means we hold the Biblical faith as recovered in the Reformation in England, and that we intend to remain straight and true to the Bible in all matters.

One of the most important pillars of our church is our commitment to the Bible.  We believe the Bible is God’s word.  We believe Christ was God with us, and that He came to teach us about God as well as to give Himself on the cross for our sins.  He called the Twelve to be His disciples, and, after His resurrection, commissioned them to proclaim His teachings to all people.  As the Church grew, the Apostles often communicated with congregations via letters and books.  These writings became the New Testament, and they record and preserve the faith given by Christ.

A second pillar of our congregation is quiet, reflective worship.  Our worship is a little different from that of most churches, but after a couple of times it begins to feel comfortable and deeply spiritual. The Book of Common Prayer, which continues the liturgies and worship of the ancient Church is the foundation of our worship.  This style of worship gives us time to reflect and think.  It gives us a break from the constant activity of the everyday world, and invites us to be still and know the presence of God.  Firmly Bible-centered, we have at least three Bible readings at every service. The sermon expresses and expounds the Bible message. The hymns and prayers express our devotion and intention to believe and live as the Bible teaches.  The result is a sense of the presence of God, and of being renewed and refreshed by His love and grace.

A third pillar of our church is our friendly, welcoming people.  Visitors are greeted by people who truly welcome them, rather than by designated ushers or greeters.  People unaccustomed to the services will be given Prayer Books and hymnals, and will soon feel comfortable and at home with us.  In short, we will welcome you and will try to treat you as we would want to be treated.

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